4th of July
Running of the Ryland Derby

Turtle Race Prep (approximately June 20th - July 3rd)

  • Look for your turtles in the last couple of weeks before July 4th.
  • Turtles often can be seen crossing roads after a rain. Some folks carry a shoe box (with lid!) or other box with lid to make use of their turtle opportunities.
  • Feed your turtle daily and provide drinking water until their race on the 4th. Tasty turtle tidbits include worms, raw hamburger, berries (strawberries and blueberries), lettuce, tomato and cantaloupe.
  • Turtles thrive with a little exercise walk daily (but be careful that they don't succeed in burying themselves and escape in the process).

Race Day – July 4th!

  • Turtle registration will be 11:30am- 12:45pm.
  • Only box turtles are eligible (snapping turtles, red eared slides, stinkpots and painted turtles need not apply!)
  • The first race will be at 1:00pm 
  • The second race at 1:45pm 
  • Final Championship heat at 2:30pm
  • Only bets to win will be accepted.
  • The first 3 turtles in each race will compete in the championship round. 
  • The winners of race 1 and race 2 will each receive $10. 
  • The owner of the champion turtle will receive an additional $20!

Good luck to all contestants and their sponsoring families! 

All racing turtles should be released after the final race
by their sponsoring family in the area in which they were found.

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