Fireworks begins at nightfall 

(approximately 9:45pm - 10:00pm)

In an effort to make the Ryland 4th of July Fireworks presentation safe for all Rylanders and their guests, the following guidelines will be implemented. We appreciate all Rylanders cooperation with the plan so that everyone remains safe and future fireworks displays are not in jeopardy.

  • There will be NO cars or golf carts permitted in Fisher Field during the Fireworks.
  • Road Traffic will be restricted to cars and golf carts only - no pedestrians. 
  • No Parking allowed on Crystal Drive before or during Fireworks show .
  • Golf Course paths on the south side of #5 fairway will be used for Pedestrian traffic only.
  • Parking will be provided for cars in the Clubhouse parking lot.
  • Parking for golf carts will be provided on the #5 FAIRWAY in an area clearly marked, accessed by the south side cart path off of Hillside Drive. Please park in the FAIRWAY instead of the rough!
  • Spectators are encouraged to bring chairs & blankets to Fisher Field .
  • No cars will be permitted to park on the road near entrance or near mailboxes.
  • Officials from Ryland Heights Fire Department will be directing traffic and will control access to parking areas.
  • Golf carts parked in #5 fairway are asked to exit the field to the north using the #6 fairway cart path onto #7 fairway cart path to Smyth’s driveway or Mirror Lake Drive.

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