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Ryland Lakes Country Club, Inc. is a Kentucky non-profit corporation owned by its 85 shareholders. The Club holds title to all real estate and grants a perpetual lease to each shareholder for a home site. Children, grandchildren, and parents of shareholders are eligible to apply for a limited membership status that entitles them to enjoy Club facilities, but does not confer ownership or voting rights. Only a shareholder can sponsor a person for membership. All applications for membership are subject to approval by a vote of the Club’s board of directors. Club membership carries with it both privileges and responsibilities, including a $30,000 initiation fee, annual dues, Clubhouse minimum, and other obligations normally associated with membership in a private club. Copies of the Club’s Constitution, Bylaws, and other information about the Club are available to prospective members by contacting the Club Secretary.

Ryland Lakes Country Club, Inc., 2 Maplewood Drive, Ryland Heights, KY 41015-9539
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