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4th of July

4th of July Parade - a pre-flag-raising caravan and celebration

The idea this year is to have a joyous and celebratory procession that leads to the Clubhouse and allows a relaxed way for people to congregate there for a flag raising ceremony. The ceremony will include "colors" to be bugled by Steve Sterneberg followed by the "star spangled Banner" and "America" with vocalists to be announced shortly.

This caravan will commence at the mailboxes by the entrance to Ryland. The Wild Lake participants will congregate there at 11:00 on the 4th. We will leave promptly at 11:15 and proceed down Ryland Lakes Drive.

At Crystal Drive, we will pick up those participants and continue on. Dave Harsh will be the Crystal Drive Caravan Deputy and will provide information about when to meet and will oversee the joining of the main caravan. Approximate time to join:11:17.

At Hillside Drive, we will pick up all Hillside Drive participants. Ted Kreinest will be the Hillside Drive Deputy and will provide information about when to meet and will oversee the joining of the main caravan. Approximate time to join: 11:19.

At Redbud Circle, we will pick up all Redbud Circle participants. John Jordan will be the Redbud Deputy and will provide information about when to meet and will oversee the joining of the main caravan. Approximate time to join. 11:21.

At Mirror Court (the tennis courts), we will pick up the Mirror Court contingent. Judy Kennedy will be the Mirror Court Deputy and will provide information about when to meet and will oversee the joining of the main caravan. Approximate time to join: 11:25.

Turning right onto Maplewood Drive, we will proceed all the way down to the 4-way split by the bridge and bear right and stay hard right.

At Sylvan Lake Drive, we will pick up the Bat Cave and Sylvan Lake participants and Ron Hurd and David Kahn will oversee and be the Deputies who will organize and communicate their joining of the caravan. Approximate time to join 11.:27.

At Orchard Lane, you guessed it, the Orchard Lane folks will join the parade overseen by Deputy Steve Fischer. Approximate time to join: 11:30.

The procession will continue down Crystal Lane until we reach the cut-over by Sternberg's and Doc Monnig's - the path to cut back across the number one pond dam. John Morley and Cove Heilbronner, as Co-Deputies, will organize and oversee the joining of the parade by all of those people who live on Crystal Lane and who will have assembled ahead of time at the cul-de-sac at the end of Crystal Lane by the totem pole and then worked their way out toward the cut. Approximate time to join: 11:35.

Having fully joined everyone, we will proceed across the number one pond cart path and take a left. We will then go all the way down Maplewood and cross Ryland Lakes Drive and head past the tennis courts and down towards Warrens' driveway, taking a left across the front of the Cain's house and on to Neil and Bonnie's house where we will use the bathrooms. No. We will take a left at their driveway and head back out towards the club. The leading 20+ carts will take a right at the #5 Ladies tee and traveling down the cart path, will park along the number 5 fairway; the next 20+ carts will proceed straight into the Clubhouse parking lot and pull right and park; the last 20+ carts will turn right on Ryland Lakes Drive and proceed toward Red Bud Lane, turning there, or just before there to come back a little ways and park on the out-of-Ryland side of the flag in the Greater Red Bud field. Approximate arrival time: 11:40.

There will be a final parade Deputy at the end of Neil and Bonnie's driveway to direct who goes where. Thank you for your compliance with our plan. The flag raising ceremony will begin shortly after we have all assembled which will be around or shortly after 11:45. Please remain on or next to your carts and practice social distancing.

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